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Food bloggers show off their talent

From: Asliza Yusoff, Khoo and Siew showing off their creations. From: Asliza Yusoff, Khoo and Siew showing off their creations.

ONE of the ways to show off your culinary skills is by participating at cooking competition.

With this in mind, Simplot - a potato grower, manufacturer and supplier - organised a fun-filled cooking competition for food bloggers recently.

At this competition, eight participants put their culinary skills to test as they cooked up a storm incorporating Simplot hashbrown products such as the Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown, Simplot Triangle Hashbrown, Simplot Mini Hashbrown and Simplot Hashbrowns in their dishes.

All participants were given 30 minutes to rummage through Ben’s Independent Grocer (B.I.G) for their raw ingredients prior to the competition.

Participants were required to create a recipe within an hour before the dishes were evaluated by three judges namely Simplot’s Chef Poobalan, Culinary Association Malaysia’s president Dr. Sidney Kan and, the winner of Malaysia’s first Celebrity MasterChef Datuk Fazley Yaakob.

All the dishes were assessed through six criteria such as taste, creativity, technique, cleanliness, presentation and ease of preparation.

One of the dish that wowed the judges from the beginning was the Simplot Hashbrown Smoked Salmon Quiche prepared by Jennifer Khoo, 38, who walked away with RM5,000 in cash, RM2,000 worth of Philips kitchen appliances, Simplot products and a Simplot Best Food Blogger trophy.

“It’s my first time participating in a cooking competition and I am very surprised to have won the first prize” said Khoo excitedly.

“There are so many talented participants taking part in this competition, and the entire experience has truly been eye-opening for me,” said Khoo, who loves to make quiche and blog at www.chasingfooddreams.com.

The first runner-up Kelly Siew, 29, took home RM3,000 cash prize as well as RM1,000 worth of Philips kitchen appliances and Simplot products while the second runner-up Asliza Yusoff, 38, won RM2,000 cash prize, RM600 worth of Philips kitchen appliances and Simplot products.

For Siew, this is her second time participating in a similar competition, and she was thrilled that she won the second prize.

“The first time I took part in a baking competition, I also won the second prize,” said Siew who loves sharing recipes and dining experiences in her blog at www.kellysiewcooks.com.

She added that she loves having hash brown for breakfast and was inspired to cook a dish that is made of baked eggs with mini hash browns, which impressed all three judges.

“This is my first time participating in a cooking competition, and I am so happy and excited that I won,” said Yusoff, who stole the judges’ hearts with the Simplot Hashbrown and Chicken Sausage Mini Casserole dish.

“I love cooking and posting new recipes on my blog,” said Asliza, who has been blogging at www.mothercooks.blogspot.com.

The other five finalists namely Tammy Lim, Ng Choi Yen, Hadijah (Cik Lily), Muhammad Falihin and Azatulsheeda Azman also brought home Philips kitchen appliances and Simplot products as consolation prizes for their efforts.

All three judges were impressed with the dishes made by the participants.

“The participants have taken time to do a proper research on how to prepare the dishes, and the results were impressive,” said Yaakob.

“This kind of competition not only brings out the best of the participants but also help promote healthy living,” explained Poobalan.

The competition was held at Masak-Masak in B.I.G at Publika Solaris Dutamas.