Culinary Queries

Amy Beh


My hubby loves roast pork.

Sometimes when I get a large piece of roast pork from the market stall, we cannot finish it.

I usually freeze the remaining portion and when my hubby wants to eat it, I just thaw it. He complains that the meat is not that good anymore. Please advise.

Joanne Tan - 27/02/2012

Frozen roast pork should be thawed in the refrigerator overnight. Place the piece of roast pork side down on a non-stick saucepan.

Heat up pork over a gentle low heat for 3 minutes for both meat and skin side. Use a fork to hold on to the meat, heat all the 4 sides of the meat for 2 minutes each side.

Finally, heat the piece of roast pork, meat side and skin side for 1 minute each again. This would enable the roast pork to have a crispy skin and the meat is sealed with moisture inside.

Amy Beh