Culinary Queries

Amy Beh


I used your recipe for roast pork siew yoke and it turned out quite well. I do not own a turbo broiler so I used an electric oven.

However, the skin lost its crispiness when the meat cooled. This does not happen to those sold in the chicken rice stalls. Will the final results differ if I use salt instead of the coarser variety?

Cecillia Choo - 20/09/2005

I am glad to know that you have been successful in trying out the roast pork recipe. You can use fine salt. There is always a trade secret that the chicken rice stall seller keeps to himself. The roasting oven that he has is huge. He hangs the piece of pork to roast whereas homemade roast pork is placed on a rack in the oven to roast. It makes a lot of difference in the texture of the meat and skin.

Amy Beh